fashion-slave said: hi Jaz, do you know some book about illustration and how to draw ? any tip or something..

Great Technique and learning books-
  • Fashion Illustration: inspiration and technique by Anna Kiper 
  • Drawing for Fashion Designers by Angel Fernandez and Gabriel Martin Roig
  • Fashion Illustration School : A complete handbook for aspiring designers and illustrators by Carol A. Nunnelly
  • Figure Drawing for Fashion Design by Elisabetta Drudi and Tisiana Paci
  • Fashion Illustration Techniques : A super reference book for beginners by Zeshu Takamura
  • Fashion Design Course : Principles, practise and techniques: the ultimate guide aspiring fashion designers by Steven Faerm


  • Experiment with different traditional mediums for example watercolours, markers etc
  • Practice! :) it takes time to find your own unique style.

Jaz x

hamburgerkolapizza said: Your blog very amazing:))

Thank you so much :) x

ughmiya said: What markers do you use?

I use a variety of standard ball point pens, sharpies and Copic Markers (ciao) x 


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