mika642 said: where did you learn to draw and sketch??

Mostly I am self taught, even though I studied Art and Design in school. It took lots and lots of practice. The best advice I learnt was whilst doing Life drawing classes, they really are useful for drawing the human figure in proportion :) x


"What does it take to be an illustrator?
I would say it takes practice, passion and determination.”

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kafu-ne said: Looooove your blog! You're super talented, stay awesome xo

Thank you!! You stay awesome too girl! x

deyvarah said: Hello! I stumbled upon your blog when looking through the fashion design tag. You have a beautiful clean style and very nice designs. I'd love to know what kind of medium you use for your sketches (what pens and such, the books look like moleskine?) and whether you do pre-sketches before inking. I'm an aspiring illustrator myself and I admire your work and wish you all the best! :)

Hey! Thank you so much, I really appreciate the lovely comment. Your work is fantastic too! ^-^

Generally I use Copic markers (ciaos), standard biro pens and sharpies. Occasionally I will use a mix of acrylic paint and watercolours (my favourite watercolours are winsor&newton cotman). 

For sketchbooks I use Moleskine’s and my Fashionary sketchbook mostly.

Yes I always do pre-sketches before I ink my illustrations. If I ever get inspiration i will always make a quick sketch. 

I wish you all the best too! :) x

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fashion-slave said: hi Jaz, do you know some book about illustration and how to draw ? any tip or something..

Great Technique and learning books-
  • Fashion Illustration: inspiration and technique by Anna Kiper 
  • Drawing for Fashion Designers by Angel Fernandez and Gabriel Martin Roig
  • Fashion Illustration School : A complete handbook for aspiring designers and illustrators by Carol A. Nunnelly
  • Figure Drawing for Fashion Design by Elisabetta Drudi and Tisiana Paci
  • Fashion Illustration Techniques : A super reference book for beginners by Zeshu Takamura
  • Fashion Design Course : Principles, practise and techniques: the ultimate guide aspiring fashion designers by Steven Faerm


  • Experiment with different traditional mediums for example watercolours, markers etc
  • Practice! :) it takes time to find your own unique style.

Jaz x

hamburgerkolapizza said: Your blog very amazing:))

Thank you so much :) x